The event world has changed. Have you?

Today’s $2.5 Trillion events industry started hundreds of years ago yet changes from those early days have been marginal. What was built to succeed then is designed to fail in the 21st century.

The Business of Events Masterclass is about change, innovation, and disruption. It offers new ways for event organizers, event professionals, entrepreneurs and investors to identify challenges and opportunities and learn from concrete case studies and leaders across the industry.

The next ten years will bring more changes than the previous five centuries combined. The coming decade will deliver new and fantastic opportunities but also be painful and traumatic moments for those who are not evolving their companies for the future.

The Business of Events Masterclass is a rare opportunity to place what you’ve learned under a new microscope–one powered by the learnings of the pandemic and future demands of the customer.

And when you’ve completed the course, you’ll receive a certification credential to display on your LinkedIn profile.

Your masterclass host

Marco Giberti

Marco Giberti, one of the leading entrepreneurs and investor on the event industry and the co-author of the books, Reinventing Live: The Always-On Future of Events and The Face of Digital: How Digital Technologies Are Changing the $565 Billion Dollar Events Industry, will teach The Business of Events Masterclass. Panelists and guest lecturers from the enterprise, event technology, trade show management, association, and festival sectors will round out the expert discussion.

Featured Sessions:

Using Business of Events: Get introduced to the concept of events as a business and hear about the purpose, features, complexities, challenges, and opportunities associated with this industry.

Hear from our expert speakers as they share their insight on the future of the events industry, as well as how crucial it is to unlearn what we have been taught in the past in order to adapt to new stakeholder expectations.

Go deeper into the event landscape. This session covers event history, key business-to-consumer and business-to-business leaders, alternative event types, and the challenges of moving from offline to online marketplaces.

Learn how other industries have undergone massive changes and see how these changes can provide context for the transformation of the events industry.

Explore the event business models being deployed today, including those in corporate, for-profit, private, association, and equity-owned spaces.

Discover the skills necessary for establishing vs. growing events, entrepreneurial launches vs. organizational launches, and the financial differences between an event launch, growth through a merger/acquisition, and organic growth.

Review the critical strategies necessary to maintain the financial health and resiliency of your event.

Find out how to maximize your event ROI. This session covers a number of fascinating topics, including omnichannel marketing strategies, third-party event communities vs. brand communities, and more!

Get into the visitor mindset and hear about the current expectations and desires of event visitors, including the demand for solutions over components, data-customized experiences, belonging to a community, and mobile-device-based learning and connection.

Find out the skill set required for leaders in the event industry, taking technology, humanity, collaboration, integrity, humility, and decision-making into consideration.

Learn more about event marketing strategies, how organizers act as community catalysts, the creation of event platforms and ecosystems, and the role of technology in event marketing.

Discover innovative sales strategies that can help you with your next event, such as the value proposition of events per stakeholder, the impact of NPS and exhibitor sentiment on sales, alignment of sales with the event business model, and components of the sales pitch.

Learn about event technology and innovation as they relate to stakeholder value, organizational culture, risk tolerance, and the need for event organizers to maximize event engagement and experiences.

Explore topics related to business expansion and examine the current state of an investment when buying or selling and its potential future impact.

Enjoy some real case studies from mBE clients and discover how this program has impacted their businesses for the better.

Learn how to identify challenges of a post-pandemic events industry and how to capitalize on new opportunities.

Is this masterclass for you?

The Business of Events Masterclass is for anyone, at any level interested in learning business fundamentals, refreshing their knowledge, and imagining future opportunities for their business or career. You will benefit whether you’re a seasoned professional, new to the industry, or a curious observer from an event organizer, supplier, investor, agency, or startup.

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